McLaren is working on the development of an electric SUV, according to a report

news about a suv’s McLaren they do not stop and, now with the declarations of the CEO of the brand, Michael Leiters to car magazine, where he states that the production has already started.

The report says it is happening, but there has been nothing official from McLaren. The quotes from Car are by no means conclusive as they talk about how an SUV could come to life in the face of confirmation that it is already running.

Leiters, who replaced Mike Flewitt from July this year, has already declared fan of SUVs. He also has extensive experience in the segment, having worked at Porsche and Ferrari with the Cayenne Y pure bloodrespectively.

It is worth remembering that McLaren already revealed a 100% electric SUV, although it will not be used for daily trips to the store. In November 2021, the brand removed the covers from the Extreme E, a dedicated racing vehicle that competes in the Extreme E off-road series.

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However, among the warnings that can be found is a very important one: it is not a production model, since all Extreme E use a common chassis. Even the body is a standard wear item.

Nor is it a secret that High-priced super SUVs have been successful for the likes of Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

Motor1’s research reveals that it’s a very lucrative segment, and with McLaren struggling in the financial department, a high-performance SUV could be indispensable in the years to come.

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