Meet the 1996 Nissan Nismo GT-R is the most expensive in the world

For many, this nissan gt r from 1996 would be a throwaway like a typical R33 model, but for JDM Nissan stalwarts, the ultimate ’90s supercar. Top Rank Imports claims he is the GT-R most expensive in the world and the only one in North America.

In 1996, Nissan partnered with nismo, an in-house tuner, to bring the GT-R Nismo 400R to life. Nismo upgraded the RB26DETT engine to lower its power to 400hp, a figure that is a scandal 27 years ago.

To control power, Nismo upgraded the brakes and suspension, resulting in a crate version of the R33 GT-R that compares to the Ferrari F40 in terms of performance.

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Brian Jannusch, sales director of Top Rank Imports, mentions that in the auction in which the price exceeded the 100 million yen (757,000), before going to a private auction-

In the video he comments on a person he saw in Japan driving a 400R on the highway. The owner of this car thought it was worth about $300,000 and he didn’t believe Jannusch when he told the duel that it could top three times that amount.

Jannusch points out that the valuation of the 400R is difficult due to its rarity. According to the Nissan GTR Registry, there are only 40 cars and rarely go on sale. The car in the video is one of four silver ones and has only traveled 30,000 km.

Top Rank Imports purchased this model from a collector in Canada and, according to Jannusch, it’s the only 400R in North America. Jannusch says that the car recently sold to a customer, but hope you enjoy it and don’t hide it somewhere.

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