Mercedes Teases Its First Virtual Show Car

Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener teased the brand’s first all-virtual show car on his Instagram. Based on the hashtag he used in the post, the vehicle may debut during the 2022 League of Legends World Championship which runs from September 29 to November 5.

Wagener’s teaser covers the car with a see-through tarp that gives a glimpse of the vehicle below. In general, the lines are very round. There is a rectangular grille up front with the Mercedes emblem lit up in the center. The headlights are vertical light strips. Fenders protrude away from the body. Judging from the proportions, the engine looks like a coupe.

The shape of the show car looks a bit like an exaggerated version of the latest Mercedes-AMG Vision AMG Concept. That model also has lots of curves, but this one has a more rounded passenger compartment.

Mercedes envisions the Vision AMG Concept as the future electric performance sedan. It will drive the AMG.EA vehicle architecture and use an axial flux motor.

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League of Legends belongs to the genre of multiplayer online battle arena video games. In the most common competitive mode, two teams of five players compete to destroy the other party’s base. They can also kill non-player characters to earn experience points and gold.

It’s unclear how this Mercedes got into the game. Some playable characters drive animals or pilot vehicles, so cars can fill roles like these.

The Riot Games company makes League of Legends. For this year’s world championship, it knocks Lil Nas X to compose the theme song for the event.

Mercedes has a history of working with Riot Games during the League of Legends World Championship. Last year, Mercedes helped design the rings that the winners of the event received. Wagener posted a short video of it (above) on his Instagram at the time.

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