Mexico – car washer was shot to death in La Cachapa: he received 10 shots in the body

A young man who worked at a car wash was shot to death while he was in the community of La Capacha.

The events occurred after 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 1, as soon as the police and the emergency centers received the numerous alerted reports of the assault on a car washer, who was seriously injured in the colony The Capachafrom the municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque.

According to the report that was released shortly after, the elements of the Municipal Police Station went to the intersections of the Matamoros Street and Marcos Montero Streetwhere the uniformed located the lying body of a 22-year-old male who minutes before had been directly attacked at the hands of a commander who fled the scene after hitting him with at least ten shots to the head and the body.

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After the arrival of paramedics from the Municipal Medical Services, the death of the man was confirmed, who, according to neighbors, He was a caretaker and car washer in the area.

During the operation it was necessary that in the security fence vigilance was maintained by the uniformed men in the face of the evident dissatisfaction of the neighborswho attacked the uniformed men who were investigating the incident, as they claimed that In previous days there had been another attack against another man Around the area.

The scene was under the protection of the municipal officials, who carried out the protection of the area and of the multiple indications that were in the place.

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