Mexico – Combi suffers a rollover crash that causes at least 7 injuries on the Guinda Route in Morelia

Several people were injured after a terrible crash occurred south of Morelia after a combi vehicle overturned.

Seven people were injured after the rollover crash of a combi of the Guinda Route in the Peripheral Walk of the Republicsouth of Morelia.

The spectacular mishap happened during the afternoon this Tuesday at the height of the colony Oviedo Motain the vicinity of House Michoacanbefore the Government House.

The emergency was reported and elements of the police immediately attended. State Coordination of Civil Protection Michoacán (CEPCM), who helped the injured, who were traveling in the aforementioned unit, which is of the brand nissanwith economic number 53 and plate A-42656N.

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Likewise, Some paramedics also gave help to the injured and channeled them to a hospital for proper medical care.; The identity of the patients was not exposed by the rescuers and neither by the Police.

Sources close to the matter commented that Said vehicle was traveling in the direction of Casa Michoacán towards the Benito Juárez Zoological Park.when it suddenly hit a tree located in the central median, consecutively transport got out of controlfell into a storm drain ditch and crashed into the wall.

Municipal patrolmen flagged the accident and carried out the corresponding expert opinion to determine responsibilities, then they insured the wrecked carwhich was taken to a corralón.

Editorial GossipVehicle. With information from The Voice of Michoacan.

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