Mexico: Driver runs over and kills a two-month-old baby in Villagrán

A driver ran over a mother and her two-month-old baby while he was riding her in his stroller through the downtown area of ​​Villagrán, causing his death.

The mother was seriously injured and was referred to the Community Hospital to attend to her injuries.

The incident occurred at 5:15 p.m. last Wednesday, on the street Hermenegildo Galeana almost corner with Carmona, and was reported to 911.

Vialidad de Villagrán troops arrived at the scene, who requested support from paramedics and managed to arrest the responsible driver.

The body of the two-month-old baby was left on the side of the stroller, while the mother suffered strong blows to the head.

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At that time, paramedics determined that the minor was lifeless, and the woman was taken to the hospital from the emergency room. The crashed car of the Volkswagen brand type Jetta of silver color was also found,

Driver runs over woman and her baby

According to the first investigations, the woman was walking pulling the stroller where she was carrying her daughter. At that time, the motorist was speeding and, for unknown reasons, lost control of the steering wheel, running over the victims.

It went by really fast and then there was only a loud bang. When we came out we saw the lady lying and the girl. Poor lady, fortunately they did arrest the person responsible”, said a witness.

For now, elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency are carrying out the corresponding investigations.

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