Mexico – father and son are murdered in Puebla: they had gone to buy a car that they saw on social networks

A father of a family and his son were murdered after they agreed to buy a vehicle through social networks.

There are more and more testimonies of men and women who end up dead after finding a way to buy a vehicle informally through the different social networks. Recently the media reported on the case of a father and his son, who were murdered in Texmelucan, Puebla.

According to the story of the texmelucan policeit was learned that a man and his son were murdered and robbed by alleged vendorswho informally offered them a car on Facebook.

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They also reported that criminals they would have pretended to be vehicle sellers to offer them the car through the social networkhowever, upon reaching the place where they agreed to meet they took the money with which they were going to buy it and shot them to death.

After the notice was given, elements of the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office arrived at the scene, who began an investigation into the event.

Likewise The Puebla Prosecutor’s Office indicated that in recent months at least three similar robberies have been registeredwhere they sell through networks and when they arrive they take the money from the buyers.

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