Mexico: Government sells seized hackers’ cars and now they face complaints

The National Institute to Return the Stolen to the People (INDEP) sold seven cars belonging to a criminal organization of hackers without receiving the court ruling And now he’s facing a lawsuit.

High-end brand vehicles Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Mercedes Benz, they could not yet be sold and apparently were not the property of the defendants.

The case dates back to May 15, 2019, when the General Prosecutor of the Republic and the army dismantled in León, Guanajuato the organization “Bandidos Revolutions Team”, accused of stealing 300 million pesos to different banks.

They were apprehended during the operation. nine alleged members of the organization, including the leader Héctor Ortiz Solares, alias “El H-1”. In this procedure 27 cars were confiscated. The company Intermediary Sotecami claimed through the courts the return of 11.

However, the INDEP sold 7 cars in the mega-auction held in Los Pinos on December 15 and 16, 2019. The Ministry of Finance received 28.6 million pesos for the sale of the vehicles from various states of the country.

However, for those dates had a confiscation order, extinction of ownership or declaration of abandonment, with which the vehicles could be used.

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For its part, Intermediaria Sotecami states in its lawsuit that it only found out about the auction on September 24, 2020, nine months after they were sold.

On that date, the claim was filed in writing with the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime. It was requested to lift the insurance and return the cars. The answer was negative, but he filed an amparo.

They demand resignations

The insurance is a temporary precautionary measure that prevents an asset from being transferred while an investigation is carried out and the responsibility or innocence of the owner is determined.

Officials of the FGR affirm that there was no declaration of abandonment and, although a domain extinction claim was filed, the assets claimed in it were bank accounts and not cars.

This matter escalated to the point that a federal judge also opened a proceeding for judicial contempt in which he asked to analyze the dismissal of high-ranking officials, although not from INDEP, but from the FGR.

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