Mexico – More than a thousand themed cars participated in the 2022 Carnival of Terror in Morelia

The Caravan of Terror in Morelia It was an event that this year included more than a thousand cars and many people who enjoyed the costumes and attractions for visitors.

At least thousand cars and many people disguised as terrifying monsters were present on Madero Avenue as part of the third edition of the Caravan of Terror in Morelia.

The parade event started from the fountain of the Tarascas heading to the first square of the city, where the tourists Y citizens they could take the opportunity to take some selfies, both with the drivers and with the cars.

At the renowned local event about 500 people participated with some costumes that matched their cars, this to scare the hundreds of passers-by who visit the Michoacan capital.

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According to the organizers, the intention of this caravan is promote tourism and reunite families.

This is one of the activities carried out in the town, added to the zombie-walk which took place this past Saturday, as well as the motorized gear that took place on Friday and those that will be presented on November 1 with the mega march of the catrinas and catrines.

In the cars there were different themesfrom cars with axolotls, even killer clowns and combis of deathIt was, without a doubt, a place for people to show off their creativity.

In its 2022 edition It is estimated that those who only painted a small part of their face participated, as well as those who wore a spectacular costume.

Also the pets could not miss without costume, they paraded with their best outfits, accompanied by their owners who were also dressed as their favorite characters.

Others adorned public transport vehicles, a very macabre scene.

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