Mexico: SICT announces price increase on all toll roads

In 2022 motorists who use the toll road networks in Mexico they were in a fairy tale, since there was no increase in booths throughout the year.

Now, in this first quarter of 2023, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) announce price increase on all highways in Mexico.

This increase is a consequence of the inflation in the period: December 2021- December 2022. The increase will be 7.82% necessary to ensure the maintenance, operation and administration of routes, according to the SICT.

The Federal Toll Highway Network put these prices into effect since the past February 7th, while the roads by CAPUFE and FONADIN enters into force from March 1.

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The 5 most expensive sections of the country for a private car

  • Durango-Mazatlán section: 720 pesos
  • Cuernavaca – Acapulco: 585 pesos
  • La Tinaja – Coloseaque: 490 pesos
  • Don – Nogales Station: 475 pesos
  • Cosomate – Entrance Piloncillo-Santa Lucía: 350 pesos

Cost of the busiest roads to leave CDMX

  • Mexico – Pachuca: 62.54 pesos
  • Mexico – Cuernavaca: 135.85 pesos
  • Mexico – Puebla: 191.82 pesos
  • Mexico – Querétaro: 191.82 pesos

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