Mexico: They caused damage and burned cars after the capture of “El Rudy” in Guanajuato

A group of armed men caused several damages after “The Rudi” was captured by the authorities in Guanajuato.

After the information capture of Juan Rodolfo Yépez Ortiz, “El Rudy” in Guanajuato, several groups of armed men attackedThey raided the Public Security facilities of the municipality of Tarimorowhat’s more, burned vehicles Y They burned an Oxxo store.

The details of the investigation reported that the events occurred during Wednesday morning around two in the morning when the first reports of burning trucks and vehicles in the towns of Celaya, Salvatierra, Comonfort, Juventino Rosas and Dolores Hidalgo.

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The National Guardthe Army and the State Public Security Forcewere the ones who attended the reports of burning vehicles.

On the other hand, one Oxxo store was set on fire in the town of Villagránnear the Celaya exit, where when the elements were transferred, they immediately cordoned off the area.

Also, a command fired shots at the Tarimoro Public Security basewhere a officer was injured by gunshots.

After the violent events, a operation that resulted in the arrest of several people that were allegedly related to the possession of firearms, vehicles with reports of theft and cardboard from a criminal group with threatening messages.

It should be noted that Juan Rodolfo Yepez Ortiz, “El Rudy” he is J’s brotherOsé Antonio Yépez, “El Marro”former leader of Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

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