Mexico: They rescue a woman who had been trapped after a trailer overturned and crushed the car she was driving in Ciudad Juárez

A woman was crushed after a trailer overturned and fell on her car. However, she managed to be rescued by the authorities.

The authorities informed about the rescuee of a woman after she was crushed by a trailer that overturned and fell on top of the car who was driving during the night of this Sunday on Juan Pablo II Boulevard, reported road police.

According to the first information that was given about this accident, an officer indicated that the unfortunate event occurred in the curve that connects with Independencia Boulevard when the weight of the load overcame the trailer due to excessive speed.

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After the overturning, on its left side, the box of the trailer fell on a Lincoln car, causing injuries to the driver who was trapped.

With personal hydraulic machinery from the Fire Department cut the car and rescued the woman who was then rushed directly to a hospital.

Also the trailer driver was injuredwas taken as a detainee to receive medical attention.

Until now, the authorities have not given more details of the state in which those affected are or what would be the charges that the justice system would implement in this case.

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