Mexico: This company will invest 200 million dollars to expand the charging network for electric cars

evergo announced an investment of 200 million dollars in order to expand urban charging infrastructure and combat the impediment of the daily use of EV in Mexico, the range anxiety.

According to the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors, this is the main brake on electrification in the territory. Energo, which arrives in Mexico through the acquisition of E-DRIVE, has 15,000 charging points in countries like Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay and Puerto Rico.

For his part, Daniel Lopez, CCO of E-Drive said in a recent interview that Mexico is in their priority plans, since they will seek to position themselves as main market in the region.

“The priority market at present is Mexico due to the number of players there are and its geographical extension… We seek to connect coast-coast, border-border and guarantee that on each road traveled in Mexico there is an Evergo charging point, said.

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Estimates are that by 2024 there will be 15,000 charging points on Aztec soil. The expansion will begin in the central zone and metropolitan area, northwest and northeast, as well as in the Riviera Maya.

The development of a charging network

This company participated in 2017 in the CFE project that developed 100 electrogas stations and that opened the doors of the Mexican market.

Currently, 89 of them are operational and, in addition, it works with multiple manufacturers, providing 3.6 kW batteries. “Fortunately, all the brands have decided to work with us, 95% of them exclusively, and we only share a park with other players in the market.”, he adds.

Jac is one of the brands that uses E-Drive chargers, and participated in the Evergo project to develop its public charging network.

“This project, in which we have been involved, triggers very important things, because even though we have said that a user with their charger at home has enough to travel, having public infrastructure is not necessary,” said Isidoro Massri, director of Jac Mexico.

A paid service

Tesla recently announced that would start charging for the use of “supercharger” chargers in Mexico, as of November 14. This opens the door for detonate a business in terms of charging infrastructure.

We have already passed that free phase, of market opening, and we are going to enter a stage of maturation. This stage leads us to have profitable business modelssays Lopez.

An app will also be launched that will allow users to know the nearby charging points, the prices of their services and waiting time, as well as prepaid options,

We want to differentiate ourselves from the typical energy department, to create our own department and system, which can motivate the creation of increasingly smart cities”concludes Oscar San Martin, general manager of Evergo Holdings.

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