Mexico – Truck runs over and kills a 10-year-old girl in Los Olivos

A girl of approximately 10 years had a tragic death after being hit by a truck on Route 29 in Los Olivos, Mexico.

Recently, the media Mexico They reported the terrible death of a girl when she was hit by an urban truck in the neighborhood the olive trees.

The fatal traffic incident was reported minutes after 9 p.m.:00 hours at the corner of the streets Sofia Alvarez and Matilde Montoya. After the moment, the public transport truck involved in the mishap fled, but blocks later was located by the authorities thanks to GPS.

According to the testimonies, the girl allegedly went from her home to the grocery storebut he no longer returned to his relatives.

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So far, the exact way in which the unfortunate road event occurred is unknown.

The victim would have been approximately 10 years old.cina of the place, well his relatives arrived shortly after of his death. Municipal authorities who received the report channeled an ambulance but When the paramedics arrived, the minor no longer had vital signs.

Meanwhile, elements of the Road Police on La Piscina avenue and the corner of Santa Ana street located the heavy unit that ran over the girl. Thus, the driver was arrested and brought before the ministerial authority in order to testify about what happened.

The body of the minor was left in the middle of the street and a policeman was the one who lit a candle that he placed next to her out of respect for her death.

The surroundings of the mentioned crossings were under the protection of the authorities.

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