Mexico: Young man dies after falling from a motorcycle at high speed in CDMX (+VIDEO)

The young woman identified as Karen Santos He died after falling from a motorcycle driven by Edwin Obregón through the streets of Mexico City. The incident was recorded by security cameras and the driver was going to speeding.

The parents of the victim ask for justice through social networks, since they attribute the death of the young woman to the boy’s recklessness. The record, released by relatives, shows the moment in which the young people tripped over a bollard and left projected towards the pavement.

Unfortunately, the woman suffers more damage to the crash his head into a security post. The victim was left lying on the road, while Obregón fled in a truck that was accompanying them.

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Given this, the relatives demand justice, alleging that Karen asked the driver to slow down on multiple occasions, but he refused and prevented her from getting off.

According to the victim’s sister, Karen Santos died on the way to the hospital. Below you can see the video.

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