MG GT opinions: the truth about this sedan that claims to be “sporty”

MG GT reviews

A long time ago, MG introduced the MG GT to Latin America, a sedan with a rather pretentious appearance and name, with a promise of sportiness and European quality, which the price can make you doubt. Could it be that it is too good to be true? Maybe the answer is as ruthless as the arab kids scenes from american sniper.

MG GT History

First about the MG Motor UK Limited brand, it was initially a British company founded in England in 1924 by the lover of speed william morris, MGs were selling like hot cakes in Britain and it didn’t take long for the brand to focus on what the owner originally dreamed of. Give a sporty character to each of your cars. Morris pioneered the creation of very small vehicles, which did not need a large engine to run very well; however, MG’s golden era and its existence came to an end, until In 2007, the Chinese giant Saic Motors bought the brand, so yes, the only British thing you have from the brand is the name, because the capital, headquarters, engineering and production is 100% Chinese.

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Is it considered bad for being a British Chinese brand? Not exactly, many good things are made in China, for example the iphoneand MG is among the best chinese car brandsAs for the GT, first of all let’s take into account that this is not your first generationin 2014 the car with a 1.4-liter engine was introduced.

MG GT 2014

Is MG GT a Gran Turismo?

Is MG GT really a grand tourer as its name implies? Let’s find out. Those that arrived in Latin America come with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with 160 horsepower, that doesn’t sound like a grand tourer if you ask me, but let’s get the concept. A Gran Turismo is a vehicle with a coupe body, with a maximum of four seats, it has to be full size, which means a car of generous size, its interiors are characterized by luxury, comfortable and at the same time with a powerful engine of great performance and acceleration, examples of Gran Turismo: Bentley Continental GTBMW M6, Mercedes Benz c63 AMG Coupe, among the Japanese manufacturers we have the Toyota Supra, so the MG GT is not what it claims to be, that’s where we started badly.

How about the design of the MG GT?

The MG GT on the outside is an attractive vehicle, the front looks proper and it doesn’t look copied, which is great because chino is not synonymous with “low budget copy and paste”, in the rear it does look a lot like the Mercedes Benz CLAAlthough in truth all coupe sedans look like this Mercedes.

At the design level, the MG GT is beautiful and fulfills the promise of sportiness, in that sense.


  • Length of 4,675 mm
  • 1,842mm width
  • Height of 1,473 mm
  • 2,680mm wheelbase

Interior and equipment

MG GT inside

Inside it looks like a Hyundai Elantraalthough it does look good. It shows that there is a design proposal and whether you like it or not, at least they try, while in the equipment section, it is well equipped, steering wheel controls, which is quite attractive, by the way, with red stitching and All the personality that a sports car should have. It also has a 10.1 ″ infotainment touch screen with Android Auto and Apple Car Play and has some interesting functions such as controlling the air conditioning of a single zone. The board instrument panel is completely digital with a 7-inch screen.

MG GT Dashboard

Alonso Brugada of Autodinamico He tested it in MG GT in Mexico when he was just arriving, a country where it has been a real success, the young man commented that the infotainment system is slow to respond.

MG GT Safety

MG GT safety

At the security level we cannot complain. It has an EBD electronic brake distribution system, ABS brakes, ESP electronic stability control, curve braking control, BA brake assist, TCS traction control, lane departure alert, VDC Vehicle Dynamic Control, 6 bags of air, hill climb assistant, 360º vision, proximity sensors, automatic high beams and forward collision alert.

MG GT engine and criticism

The engine is 1.5 liter turbo and 160 horsepowerthat is not the engine of a Gran Turismo Have you ever heard of a car called Hyundai Veloster? It’s not the first car to come under fire for promising something it doesn’t deliver.

The MG GT promotes itself as the sportiest sedan in the segment, which the specialized press says is inhabited by the Volkswagen JettaNissan Sentra, Kia Forte, among others, almost as if it were a pamphlet that MG distributes to everyone so that they obviate the presence of cars with true sports pretensions such as the Mazda 3 and the Honda Civic.

Consumption of the MG GT

According to the brand, the MG GT has a combined fuel economy of 18.2 KM/L, 15.6 KM/L in the city and 22.7 KM/L on the highway.

Why does the MG GT have the same acceleration as the Jetta if it weighs less and has the same power?

Refering to acceleration reaches 100 km/h in 8.5 secondsneither comes close to the Honda Civic nor the Mazda3, it is the same thing that the Jetta does, and the MG GT weighs 1318 kilograms, that’s much lighter than the Volkswagen Jetta. Then Why the GT isn’t faster than the Jetta If it weighs less and they have the same power? The only culprit for that is the dual-clutch automatic that slows it down.

MG GT reviews

The MG GT does not have independent rear suspension

How are they going to award it the title of the sportiest sedan in the segment without bringing independent rear suspension when cars like the Nissan Sentra do.

In which Latin American countries is the MG GT sold?

For now only Mexico and Chile

Why could it be a good option to buy the MG GT in Chile?

Because it only costs approximately $15,000 and a version with a manual gearbox is available.

MG GT reviews

Comments on the MG GT

An owner of this car uploaded a video to facebook where I launch 5 harsh criticisms against the MG GT, and these were the following:

  • The plastic inside the car is very rigid and very hollow.
  • The seats are very “rubber cow” and very soft.
  • It says it comes for wireless charging and it doesn’t.
  • It annoys him that it’s presented as a sports car when it’s not.
  • A Chinese product with a British heritage.

Opinions on the MG GT

In conclusion, the MG GT is not bad. What is wrong is what it promises to be and is not, it claims to be a GT and from our point of view, if we compare it with any Gran Turismo, it is very badly stopped. There is nothing special about it, it is not superior to its competitors in anything other than the most irrelevant point of all, which can be design.

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