Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2003-GA sells for more than $14 million

The ferrari who used the german Michael Schumacher to earn your sixth title of F1 is the most expensive car of all time and was sold by $14,630,000 at the auction of R. M. Sotheby’s.

That figure doubles the previous record set by Ferrari in 2017 for the F2001, which was also driven by Schumacher. The newly auctioned vehicle exceeded original estimates of between $7.5 million and $9.5 million before November 9.

The Ferrari F2003-GA remains in splendid conditions and is ready to hit the track. The vehicle was put to the test by Mick Schumacher, who was lucky enough to drive one of the most important single-seaters in history.

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Vehicle with chassis number 229 was designed by Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn as a evolution of the F2002 who dominated last season. Its engine is a 3.0-liter V10 that was rebuilt this year from the program. Ferrari Formula 1 Customer and is able to offer 917hp and rev up to 19,000 rpm.

It is worth mentioning that in 2003, the competition for the German was tough, but he managed to secure the championship in the last race of the season, 2 points ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Schumacher won the grand prix of Spain, Austria, Canada, Italy and the United States with this car.

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