Migrant father and daughter die on the highway in Oaxaca, Mexico: they were abandoned along with 3 other wounded

A terrible event was recently revealed, where two migrants (father and daughter) died in the middle of a highway in Oaxaca.

The media reported that two migrants of Ecuadorian origin died in an accident recorded early this Monday, on the superhighway that goes from Salina Cruz to La Ventosa, in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Santa María Mixtequilla, as confirmed by different authorities.

In the first revelations about the case, given by the police corporations, the truck that crashed at the intersection of the highway towards Lachiguiri transported to five members of a family when he made the tour Ixtepec City to El Caracolof Tehuantepec.

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derived from the accident, an adult and a minor of approximately 17 years of age died. The authorities indicated that it is the father and daughterwhile the remaining three people, the mother and two minor children were injured.

Also, it was learned that fatalities and injuries were abandoned a few kilometers ahead of the place where the accident occurred on the side of the road, around five in the morning this Monday, so that it is investigated who or who left them to their fate.

After reporting the accident, various rescue bodies and police corporations helped the injured migrants and transferred them to the civil hospital of Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, where they arrived at approximately eight in the morning.

The authorities presume that the members of the Ecuadorian family did not pass through San Pedro Tapanatepec, where the federal government has been installing an immigration filter for three months, because they did not find any transit permitonly the documents of origin of the members of the family, who, they said, possibly they hired the services of a “pollero” or human trafficker.

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