More than 70 vehicles burned when they were hit by a grass fire at a Texas festival (+ Video)

A family car was completely consumed by fire after they visited his pumpkin farm in texas for the Halloween festivities.

The media reported a massive fire that ended up damaging at least 70 vehicles leaving them scrapped over the weekend in Temple, Bell County, in the central part of the state of Texas.

Among the parked vehicles was the Robinson familythe owners of the pumpkin farm he was visiting at approximately 1 p.m. on Saturday.

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It seems that a cigarette butt would have been the cause of the sinister that spread rapidly. Bell County firefighters managed to consume the fire at 3:30 p.m.

After the incident, four firefighters and two people were treated at the farm for injuries related to smoke and heat that are not life-threatening, according to authorities.

However, fortunately for those present, the fire only occurred outside the farm and did not cause personal misfortunes or affect other areas of the samereported Helen Robinson, the owner of the farm.

Customers who came to the farm to buy the pumpkins went through the insurance process with the adjusters.

“We had clients and insurance adjusters walk in, ready and willing to start cleaning up the affected area. We’re just not at that point yet. So once we get that clearance, we can start, you know, getting those vehicles out of here and then for us here on the farm, we can start looking at cleaning up, you know, what’s left.”Robinson said.

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