Motorcyclist recorded how a truck ran over him in an accident where a person died (+ Sensitive video)


Strong collision between two vehicles and a motorcyclist in accident that leaves at least one person dead in Los Angeles.

Strong accident between two cars and a motorcyclist

A strong video recorded the shocking moment in which a terrible traffic accident occurs, the moment was captured by the camera of a motorcyclist in Los Angeles.

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This November 14, an accident occurred between a stolen car, a truck and a motorcycle.

In camera video of the motorist, who is waiting to make a left turn from the busy Pacific Coast Highway onto Kanan Dume Road, a SUV of black color shoot out of Kanan Dune Road hitting a gray van that circulates normally.

After the strong impact, the truck turns and attacks the motorist, who miraculously survived the impact after being taken to the hospital.

It is not known about the health of the driver of the truck, the driver of the stolen car that caused the accident lost his life.

The driver, who has not been identified, struck at least half a dozen warning markers in the center median after driving down a grade at high speed, colliding with a 30-foot-high embankment and being overturned. Witnesses at the scene tried to save the driver who died hours after the event.

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