Multiple crash in Chicago leaves 2 dead and 11 injured including children: stolen car caught fire (+ Video)

Stolen car caused multiple crash in Chicago
Image courtesy of Chicago Suntimes – Stolen car caused car crash in Chicago

A stolen car caused a car crash in chicago, USA, which left two dead and 11 others injured in a multi-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon, November 23, in Burnside on the South Side. The incident took place around 5:00 p.m.

According to the Chicago Fire Department, the crew responded to a call regarding multiple people injured in a crash near 87th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.

Stolen car caused a car crash in Chicago

According to the Chicago Police Superintendent, David Brownat a press conference at the scene, the event was caused by a Dodge Charger stolen, which was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of Cottage Grove Avenue “at a very high speed.” A reason for this caused the accident that involved seven other vehicles near the intersection of 87th Street.

The driver of the Dodge and a passenger died after the car, reported stolen in the southern suburbs of Markham, caught firethe firefighters said. In addition, the police mentioned that they found a weapon inside the car.

It should be noted that another 11 people were injured, including five children, and all were transported to different nearby hospitals. It is known that six people were in fair condition and the remaining five in good condition.

11 people transferred to area hospitals

The 11 injured people were transported to hospitals in the area, they were between the ages of 4 and 56, and not only drivers were affected, but also companions and pedestrians in the area, specifically:

A 53-year-old female driver who is in good condition with unknown injuries was transported to Christ Hospital. A 54-year-old man was transported to Trinity Hospital who was standing on the pavement with a dislocated kneecap.

Stolen car caused multiple crash in Chicago
Image courtesy of Chicago Suntimes – Stolen car caused multiple crash in Chicago

A 56-year-old female driver was in fair condition with a back injury and a 6-year-old child passenger in fair condition, both to St. Bernard Hospital. A 33-year-old male driver in fair condition but with a minor hand injury.

Three children were also transferred to Comer Children’s Hospital, a 10-month-old passenger was in good condition, a 15-year-old in good condition but body pain, and a 4-year-old also in good condition.

Stolen car caused multiple crash in Chicago
Image courtesy of Chicago Suntimes – Stolen car caused multiple crash in Chicago

Three people were transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center: a 10-year-old boy with a fractured wrist, a 37-year-old female driver in good condition with unknown injuries, and an 18-year-old passenger in good condition with unknown injuries.

An employee at an electronics store near the scene of the accident heard what sounded like a loud explosion and then noticed the car on fire, according to an employee.

“Obey the speed limits”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she felt sick after hearing the number of victims and felt she should visit the site to warn residents to slow down on the roads.

“When you’re going at that high speed, anyone you hit, whether it’s a car or a pedestrian, significantly decreases their survivability,” Lightfoot told reporters on the site. He added that “people have to slow down. I’m out and about all over town, and I’m amazed at the level of traffic and the level of speed people are driving. Just take your foot off the accelerator and obey local speed limits.”

Brown talks about the car crash in Chicago
Image courtesy of Chicago Suntimes – Brown talks about the car wreck in Chicago

Similarly, Brown called on drivers to take some personal responsibility for their driving. “Slowing down will save lives. Speed ​​kills, and it did tonight. It is absurd and tragic, ”he declared.

“We are praying for everyone at the area hospitals tonight. We are praying for the families who are certainly on the vigil, and we are praying for the deceased and their families,” Lightfoot said.


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