Murder of Uber driver is caught on video

Security cameras recorded the exact moment when Luis Francisco, 38-year-old driver of a transport platform, was killed by three passengers who had requested the race, in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood.

The local media indicate that it was a direct Attack, so it is hoped that through the evidence collected at the scene of the murder they can help find the location of the criminals.

The crime occurred minutes after 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 20, on the boulevard Saint John Bosco intersection with Seville street.

Uber driver shot in right eye

The video shared on social networks shows Luis Francisco driving his blue March, on the aforementioned boulevard, but meters before reaching Sevilla street, the traffic light changed to red. At that moment, one of the murderers gets out of the car through the back door and begins to run.

Next, another of those involved, who was in the passenger seat, descends and follows in the footsteps of his accomplice, and finally, a third man performs the same action.

The victim received a shot in the right eye. The AM portal reports that despite his injuries, when he marked the green light at the traffic light, he continued on his way. However, he was unable to control the vehicle and crashed into a hurricane.

Witnesses to the event reported what happened to 911 and paramedics went to the scene, but they were unable to save Luis Francisco’s life.

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The investigation of the case is in charge of the State Attorney General’s Office. Laboratory analyzes of shell casings located by agents at the scene are awaited.

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