Musk’s Master Plan 3 will be announced on March 1

This March 1, Elon Musk will announce your Third “Master Plan” regarding sustainable energy.

The objective is focused on increasing production and improving performance. The announcement will coincide with the first Tesla Investor Day and, It comes when parts of previous plans have not been fulfilled.

The CEO used his Twitter account to make the announcement. “Master Plan 3, the path to a fully sustainable energy future for Earth, will be presented on March 1. The future is bright!” he says in his tweet. This will take place in the Giga Texas factory in Austin.

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In 2022, the billionaire told attendees at the annual stock meeting that Tesla’s third plan would have as a major part of scale production and supply chain. In addition, there will surely be talk of the next generation of vehicles, with a platform that will cut manufacturing costs in half.

The issue of capital allocation, long-term expansion plans, new factory sites, among other matters, is also expected to be raised.

That said, the elon master plans not fully met so far. Perhaps the most fruitful was the construction of a sports car that helped finance the company.

The least advanced is Master Plan Part Two, of 2016 that sought to expand to sunroofs, expand the car line to all major segments and a “true autonomous driving. This is not yet complete.

Sunroofs haven’t taken off as the billionaire envisioned. Tesla lags behind other manufacturers in segments like trucks or compact cars, and autonomous driving is highly controversial.

However, that does not take away the relevance of Elon Musk’s next announcement, so we will have to wait until March 1.

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