MX: Barbie car will be raffled to raise funds for the fight against cancer in women

Through the streets of Saltillo is circulating a beetle of the firm volkswagen that does not go unnoticed, since it is personalized allusion to the Barbie doll, which will be raffled. The money raised will be intended to support women with cancer.

The vehicle has been captured on the main avenues of the aforementioned city and Arteaga since October. From one of the glasses it is possible to read: “Se raffle” and “do not touch”.

On the Facebook page “Beetle Barbie Rafflethe bases of the contest are announced, a raffle to be held on December 24, 2022, according to the National Lottery and the Ticket cost is 99 Mexican pesos. Some relevant data are:

  • The raffle will be held among the participating tickets
  • The winner will be the Grand Prize, in case of not leaving it will be the penultimate and so on.

the money will be delivered to the associationCoahuila Challenge Group for the treatment of patients fighting cancer.

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This association has 20 years helping recovery physical and emotional support of women in Coahuila diagnosed with the disease, offering economic support, payments for medical studies, medicines, hospitalization and treatment payments.

Liliana Elizondo, president of the organization, points out that every month they support 40 women with their treatments and a year around 500 patients.

As for the owner of the car, Jorge Lara, he spoke with the media about the possibility that it appears in one of the videos of the singer Santa Fe Klan.

“Santa Fe Klan task force personnel saw the car and said that they would contact us in late November or early December with more details about the video.” finished.

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