MX: fatal accident in Ciudad Madero claims the life of a young local teacher and her husband is seriously injured

A teacher died after being the victim of a fatal accident in Ciudad Madero. Several other people are seriously injured.

The Mexican press reported on Tuesday the death of a young teacher from Ciudad Maderowho lost his life after being part of a strong car accident on the Tampico-Valles highway.

The terrible event would have taken place at the height of the ejido Strengthbelonging to the municipality of Tamuin in San Luis Potosiwhere a vehicle was involved nissan sentra gray color and a car KIA in red, which resulted in significant material damage.

Likewise, in a report issued by the authorities, it was learned that the secondary school teacher identified as Alejandra Ku Sánchez, 30 years old, was traveling aboard the Sentra-type vehicle with her husbandafter the strong impact, the crew members of the aforementioned motor unit they were pressedfor which personnel from the different emergency corporations immediately arrived.

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Presumably the Sentra was directed in the direction of Tamuín to Ciudad Valles and apparently the driver invaded the lane so he was hit at the height of the bridge which passes by bypass against the other unit.

After intense maneuvers and with hydraulic equipment to rescue people, it was possible to extract them and transfer them to a hospital, unfortunately the young teacher died upon arrival at the hospital.

In the second motor unit, 4 people from San Luis Potosí were traveling, who sustained serious injuries to various parts of the body They were also taken to a hospital for proper medical care.

Between them José, 42, Marisela, 38, Iker, 3, and Gael, 15.

The husband of the now deceased is torn between life and death.

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