MX: Four people injured as a result of a frontal collision in Torreón

This Monday, October 24, a driver caused a spectacular accident after jumping a center ridge Periférico and colliding head-on with another vehicle, leaving four people injured.

The incident was registered around 06:45 local time in the Raul Lopez Sanchez Peripheral specifically at the height of the Viñedos neighborhood.

According to the Experts, on the lanes that go from Gómez Palacio to Torreón, a white sedan was circulating in speeding by a woman. When he reached the prosecutor’s office, he lost control of his vehicle and turned left, so I jump the central ridge and, later, invaded the opposite lane.

At that moment, it crashed with another red vehicle that was going from Torreón to Gómez Palacio, which was driven by a woman who was accompanied by her children, both teenagers 15 and 17 years old.

After the impact, the white car overturned on its awning, while the driver of the red vehicle was pressed inside.

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Ambulances from the Red Cross and firefighters attended the scene, who carried out the necessary maneuvers to free the woman and have her transferred to clinic.

The three people involved were referred to different hospitals in the city, while the person responsible remained in police custody and upon leaving the hospital must answer for the incident.

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