MX – Mayor affirmed that 14 million pesos have already arrived for the regularization of “chocolate” cars in Ciudad Obregón


The mayor Carlos Javier Lamarque Cano of Ciudad Obregón in Mexico, affirmed that they already have 14 million pesos, corresponding to the regularization of chocolate cars. That will be distributed to improve roads in the municipality.

Mayor of Ciudad Obregón already has the money for roads

The municipal president, Carlos Javier Lamarque Canoindicated that after several months of waiting, 14 million pesos have just arrived corresponding to the regularization of the ‘chocolate’ cars before the Public Vehicular Registry (Repuve). A resource that will be fully used to improve the sector’s roads.

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”14 million pesos have already been deposited. It has already been defined in which works this amount will be allocated ”, indicated the mayor.

Leonel Acostaof the Urban Development Secretariatsaid that the resources will be used for California street, from Ramírez boulevard to 300 street, as well as on Coahuila street, from the same boulevard to Chapultepec street and on Miguel Alemán street, between 200 and Náinari streets.

There is also a special contribution in the amount of one million 300 thousand pesos that will be used in the resurfacing of Calle 200, from February 5 to Calle Michoacán.

It is expected that they will soon begin the procedures to use the resources and begin the restructuring of the highways.

“We also understand that another 10 million pesos are coming for the regularized cars,” ended.

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