MX: Truck driver runs over an old man and gets off to claim him in EDOMEX (+VIDEO)

MX: Truck driver runs over an old man and gets off to claim him in EDOMEX (+VIDEO)

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A camera recorded the moment when a pickup truck driver off the hook passed over of an old man The shocking thing is that he crushed his legs twice.

The incident was recorded in avenue of the towers, Chimalhuacan municipality, edomex, according to information provided by the Twitter account @QuePocaMadre_Mx.

In the images, the elderly adult can be seen crossing the street when the truck turned around and hit the pedestrian squarely. After the blow, the grandfather falls to the ground, but the driver does not stop or back up.

In fact, it passes your front tires and then the rear ones on the victim’s legs. The pedestrian tries to crawl away onto the sidewalk, while the driver gets out of the unit to see what has happened.

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The clip advances and it is observed how the driver claims the old man. At that moment another pedestrian appears to intercede. In the end, the grandfather leans against a vehicle.

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At the moment no more is known about the hit or the driver.

It’s unbelievable how motorists drive by and don’t look ahead. It even seems that the driver’s reaction when he gets out of the truck is like blaming Mr.Armando commented. a Twitter user.

“How sad, he could be anyone’s grandfather or father, that was surely a minimal hip fracture, he may not walk again, what a horror,” commented cupcake moonanother netizen.

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