MX: Young man denounces Uber driver robbery in Torreón

A user of the Uber application, in Keep reported to have been robbery victim by one of the platform drivers. Apparently, after arriving at his destination and getting out of the vehicle, the driver would have started the escape with the cell phone of 9 thousand Mexican pesos and some bags.

Given this, the affected person went to the offices of the platform to present his complaint and request reports from the partner under the name of Gustavo. The young man assures that after the process for the return of your belongings, the person involved I don’t answer your calls and when he was consulted by the application he replied that he did not have the mentioned objects.

From that moment, the complainant questioned platform security filters.

The affected person preferred to remain anonymous and assured that he will present the case before the Federal Consumer Protection Office and the Attorney General of Coahuila. The young man alleges that he could not fix anything via Uber support.

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He also recommended that citizens be careful when requesting the service, since, in his opinion, it does not guarantee the policies it offers.

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