My parked car was hit, what do I do?

My parked car was hit, what do I do?

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My car was hit while it was parked, what do I do?

If your car has been hit while parked and you don’t know what to do, don’t worry. Here we explain who to turn to and where to go in a situation like this.

What to do if my parked car hit me?

When leaving our car parkedthere are many dangers that we face, for example that some belonging is stolen, the vehicle is taken away or that it is hit.

My car was hit while it was parked, what do I do?

It is quite common that crash cars while parked, but the question is what to do and where can I go in such a situation? In this article we will give you all the information you need to clarify your doubts.

The most recommended is seek help with the traffic police, since they are qualified to deal with this type of situation. They will be in charge of investigating and raising a report about all the events that occurred.

Steps to follow

Did you get hit while your car was parked? Pay attention to some recommendations that you must follow to carry out your complaint and receive a favorable response from the competent bodies.

If your parked vehicle was hit, The first thing you should do is go to the traffic police for help. from your town. You can call them on the phone or go to a police station near you. The police will be responsible for investigating and filing a report on the facts.

In case you have car insurance, then it is best to notify your Insurance Agent immediately. Depending on the policy you have purchased, auto insurance may cover collision damage. It would be a great option to recover the vehicle.

These are some of the things you should do at the scene of the accident:

1: Call the police

As soon as you notice that your parked car has been hit, the best thing to do is to call the traffic police. A commission will travel to the place of the events and proceed to initiate the respective investigations.

They will also prepare a report with all the information of the crash. With this report, the aggrieved party may file a formal claim with the Insurance Company, in case the crashed car is insured.

2: Document the accident

Another of the things that should be done at the scene of the accident is document all events that occurred. It gathers all the necessary information such as; photos of the car, weather conditions, time and place of the event, references that identify the place, etc.

3: Notify insurance

If you have the car insuredyou should also immediately notify the Insurance company. Do not wait for a long time to pass, it is best to do it minutes after the accident occurred. This will make it easier to remember the details related to the accident.

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What to do if my parked car is hit and I leave?

If you arrive at the place where you left your car parked and you see that it is crashed, it is best to stay on the site waiting for the traffic police. Avoid leaving the place.

My car was hit while it was parked, what do I do?

Many drivers make the mistake of leaving the place of events after being hit in the car. If you do that, the police won’t have concise evidence and the investigation will be more difficult.

However, What if I’m the one who hits another car and hits the road? It is also not recommended to do so, since this is considered a crime, and the owner of the crashed vehicle could file a complaint with the police.

You will probably feel a lot of fear and anguish when colliding or receiving a shock, however the best thing to do is keep calm and wait for the authorities to arrive to investigate the facts.

if for some reason you need to leave the place but you want to take responsibility for the crash you caused, then you have several options to consider:

1: Leave a written note

If you hit a parked car but need to leave the area, consider the idea of leave a note with all your contact information on the windshield of the car. It is an excellent option for the affected driver to contact you.

After leaving the note with your data on the windshield of the car, you must contact a lawyer to represent you if. This person will be in charge of speaking to the police on your behalf. This is done to protect you from any comments on your part that could make the situation worse.

2: Go to the police directly

Another option you have is go directly to the traffic police nearest to report the situation. It is advisable to be as honest and sincere as possible. Try to explain in detail everything that happened and why you did not take responsibility at the time.

This is a great way to let the authorities know that you want to take responsibility for the crashand thus you will not be considered a fugitive from justice, something that could lead to more consequences.

The traffic police will give immediate response, and surely they take into account that you want to do the right thing, so they will verify if the owner made any report.

What if there was no report from the other driver?

When you go to the police, two scenarios can occur. The first, that the affected driver has already made the corresponding report, however it can also happen that there is no report by the owner of the crashed car.

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In that case, it will not go from there and it will only remain as a bad time. But if the other driver made a report, then you should contact them as soon as possible to reach an agreement.

In United States, The law requires you as a driver to have the car insured with minimal coverage. This guarantees that the person who is involved in a crash can receive support from the insurer to cover damages to third parties.

The insurance company will proceed to address the report and will be responsible for the expenses, depending on the type of policy you have. Remember that insurance is the entity that by paying your policy covers your expenses in an unexpected event.

I don’t have auto insurance: what happens?

The law in the United States requires you to have a Car insurance to driveHowever, many drivers do not have it, which implies a high risk to their safety.

Not having an insurance policy, puts you at legal risk to drive a vehicle in the United States. This is precisely one of the main reasons why many drivers flee the scene after an accident, because they do not have an insurance company.

If you do not have the car insured, then you will have to assume all the expenses on your own, which could represent a gap in your finances. That is why it is important to buy an auto insurance policy for greater security.

What to do if they run away after crashing my car?

It is no secret to anyone that in every city in the world there are people who drive very badly. This reality is also present in the United States, and many prefer to flee and hit the run after hitting another parked car.

Well, if he runs away you have little time to react and take measures to get out of the situation. This is what you can do in case you get hit and run:

1: Check your security

The most important thing is the safety of the driver and the rest of the people who were inside the vehicle at the time of the accident. So the first thing you should do is check if you don’t have any physical injury. Damage to the car is not more important than the well-being of people.

2: Write down the plates

Although the time you have for write down the license plate number When the car goes on the run, you must try to act as fast as possible. It is important that you take the license plate number, model and color of the car that hit you.

3: Witnesses

The most certain thing is that There are witnesses who witnessed the crash.. Try to get them to testify on your behalf so that the police can help you find a solution.

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4: Notify the police

If the person responsible for the crash fled, there is no better thing you can do than call the police. It is necessary to report to the authorities what has happened. If you bring witnesses it will be much better.

5: Notify the insurance company

After making the report to the traffic police and having the report in hand, you can contact your insurance agent so that the company is in charge of studying the case and a solution in this regard.

What to do if my parked car is hit and I don’t have insurance?

The driver who crashes a parked car is obliged to pay for the damages caused. If that person has car insurance, then the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing the wrecked vehicle.

If the owner of the crashed vehicle does not have current insurancethen the insurer of the other person who caused the crash will bear all the expenses of the repair, in case the policy covers this type of situation.

Types of policies that cover collisions

Not all auto insurance policies cover collisions while the vehicle is parked. For this to happen, You will need to purchase the following policies:

one: Collision or crash coverage: This type of policy is responsible for paying to repair the wrecked car or replace the vehicle, regardless of who was responsible, even when the driver hit and run.

2: Coverage against property damage caused by an uninsured driver: Covers the cost of repairs if the parked car is hit by an uninsured driver.

We know it’s very distressing to find our car wrecked while it was parked, but if you have insurance coverageyou will avoid many inconveniences.

What to do if the insurer does not want to pay?

It may also be the case that the insurance company do not want to be responsible for repair costs after a crash. It would be fair for the insurer to explain why it declines the reported claim.

insurance companies They do not seek to evade their responsibility with the client, he only seeks to pay what corresponds for the accident according to the policy he has purchased.

If the insurer does not want to pay the crash, our recommendation is that you write a letter and send it to them requesting a reconsideration of the decision. It is important to attach all documentation of the accident.


Pay attention to the following recommendations What you should take into account when you are the victim of a crash while you were parked:

  • You must be very careful when entering a parking lot
  • Avoid double parking or behind a car
  • Buy an insurance policy. Remember that it is mandatory to have one to drive.
  • Try to respect traffic laws. If you crash a parked car, take responsibility.
  • If the perpetrator flees, take the data of the car: brand, color and number of plates.
  • Do not leave the place where the accident occurredno matter how simple it is.
  • Be careful when drive at night or in places with low lighting.
  • Provide all the data the accident to the police.

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