New spy images of the BMW i5 testing at the Nürburgring

New spy images of the electric sedan emerged BMW i5, this time, in the circuit of Nurburgring. This model has been photographed on several occasions, but this camo is tight.

The new photos seem to show the hotter i5 M60, very similar to the previously spied model. At the front there is a exposed closed grill with a covered M-shaped insignia. Bigger brakes, calipers are red and a subtle spoiler on the trunk, all signs of a performance version. It’s not the M5 though.

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For now no information about the powertrain, although there is rumours. The i5 M60 could be the model of the series 5 more powerful along with the full M5. This proper M car will have a plug-in hybrid system capable of producing 644 HP Y 590 foot-pounds of torque. Figures for the i5 M60 are not known, but there are hints at the iX M60 producing 611 HP with dual motor.

The i5, however, could sacrifice a bit of power in order to be lighter and more agile. The EV should handle better than the iX and be more fun to drive. Perhaps only surpassed in that regard by the upcoming 3 Series EV on platform Neue Classe.

BMW offered no information about the debut of the new i5, but signs point to the reveal being early in the year.

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