Next-Generation Maserati Will Be A 745-HP Electric Vehicle, Report Says

Next-Generation Maserati Will Be A 745-HP Electric Vehicle, Report Says

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Maserati it will become a 100% electric firm by the end of the decade according to the plan Dare Forward 2030 of Stellantis. The brand’s cars will have the Folgore nameplate, which will arrive one by one starting this year.

The first fleet of Maserati EVs will be complete in 2025 with the I raised Folgore, the Grecale, the GranTurismo, the Gran Cabrio and the MC20.

Now, a report from Autocar, the SUV will become a fully electric vehicle for its next generation model, trading his V8 for a electric powertrain.

Coach quoted the CEO of Maserati, Davide Grasso, who commented on the importance of a Electric lift and how it will benefit from joint development within the 14 brands of the conglomerate

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It is not yet clear if the Levante will be exclusively electric in its next generation, but it is said that will switch to using the Giorgio platform from Alfa Romeo like the Grecale and Gran Turismo.

That crossover and coupe feature both ICE and EV versions, with the latter models expected to arrive this year.

The aforementioned report indicates that Levante Folgore will have a less powerful version, with capacity to produce 745 HP. It is worth mentioning that the GranTurismo Recently revealed Folgore possesses a total power of 1200 HP.

Of course, this report has to be taken with a grain of salt, but it is not surprising that it is true considering the Stellantis leaps and bounds to electrification.

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