Nikita Crump: the woman who lived in a Honda Civic for 3 years to avoid paying rent, ended up being a content creator

Nikita Crump is the name of the 31-year-old woman who decided to live inside her Honda Civic 2012 not to pay rent.

The woman made the decision moving into your car in 2019, after struggling for a long time to pay their rent. back then, earned $1,300 a month, of which he only had 100 left after paying his apartment and bills.

This situation forced him to skip meals and eat things “unhealthy” He confessed in an interview with Metro. A situation “really stressful and depressing” for her.

did the unthinkable

After evaluating the situation, he was encouraged to take desperate measures. “I opted to cut my biggest expense, which was utilities and rent, and wanted to see how long I could last. I haven’t looked back. Once I moved into my car, my life drastically improved.”, he commented to the aforementioned medium.

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Sure, it has its challenges from day to day, but I went from being a depressed and broke person in 2019 to a prosperous and active person in 2020. Financial stability just changed everything for me and also made me see how sad and affected I was in retrospect. ”he added.

Crump quit the jobs he had in 2020 and 2021, with the goal of dedicating himself to creating content. Through his Instagram, Nikitacrump garnered more than 123,000 followers, to which must be added 75,000 subscribers on YouTube. On both platforms he shares the experience of him living in his vehicle.

living in his car

In the absence of furniture in his car, Nikita placed a tray on his steering wheel for meals. Although when she wanted to eat something homemade she used her friend’s appliances.

For his part, he The trunk is divided into four compartments: electronics, toiletries, outdoor essentials, and a trash/misc tub.

When you have to go to the bathroom, public establishments are your salvation. The showers are done in a 24-hour gym. To keep you safe, Goes to a nearby neighborhood with a family atmosphere.

fuel price

Despite the increase in fuel, it is still more profitable for you to live in the vehicle compared to pay rent or bills. “I really can’t imagine wasting money on rent again,” stressed.

Nikita Crump is financially stable right now, so she has opted to put a down payment on a van, after save 25 thousand dollars. His lifestyle has generated divided opinions. Despite all this, the woman is happy.

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