Nissan Leaf Celebrates Production Milestone By Lighting Giant Christmas Tree

nissan leaf it will soon say goodbye to the world to be indirectly replaced by a crossover. But before that happens, the hatchback has just reach a milestone in UK production.

the factory sunderlands just assembled the 250,000 units And in celebration, Nissan took advantage of the car’s cargo capacity just in time for the festive season.

The lights of the majestic Christmas tree (10 meters high) are being powered by the Leaf’s battery. A symbolic fact considering that this Nissan was one of the first vehicles capable of powering external devices.

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As far as the future of the Leaf is concerned, it’s not a very encouraging one. According to Automotive News, production will end in 2025. In October 2021, the brand’s European boss, Guillaume Cartier, told Autocar that it will be replaced by an electric crossover made at the same Sunderland plant.

This new model will be mounted on the architecture CMF-EV which is the result of the alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi, which already supports the larger Ariya and the Megane E-Tech.

Nissan’s next electric vehicle is part of its initiative EV36Zero to spend £1 billion on the Sunderland plant and turn it into the “The world’s first electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem«.

They will also invest 423 million pounds to bring the crossover to market with a production volume of up to 100,000 units.

It is not yet clear if he will keep the “Hoda” moniker or if the firm decided to give him a different name. Due to how much is left until his presentation, it is unlikely that he will keep it.

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