Nissan Max-Out, is this the future that awaits electric sports cars?

we met the Nissan Max Out a little over a year ago when Nissan presented its electrification strategy until 2030 and this electric convertible was still a virtual concept. It is now a real prototype, which gives us clues about what the future of electric sports cars will be like from the Japanese house.

The Nissan Max-Out arrives with one object: to show the motor world how Nissan is shaping the sustainable mobility of the future and where its design language will go next. Being part of the ‘Nissan Ambition 2030’ strategy also gives the Japanese several years to develop and manufacture any production vehicle inspired by it. This means it could have next-generation electric motors and even the next solid-state battery technology.

The truth is It was in 2019 when we saw the last Nissan convertible: that year we said goodbye to the Nissan 370Z Roadster… so there are many who expect (and want) a replacement. Is the Nissan Max-Out so far from reality? It has been said that it may be the precursor of the electric version of the Nissan Z, but there are also those who see it as a preview of a hypothetical successor to the Nissan GT-R: a theory that came after the brand confirmed that it is developing a new sports car for Europe and North America.

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As futuristic as psychedelic

Theories aside and although it is a concept with design characteristics that go beyond what you would expect to see in a road vehicle, the Nissan Max-Out is a car and we cannot pass up the opportunity to analyze it. We told you before that it is an electric sports car with a futuristic-style body and even with a psychedelic touch. boasts of elegant, long and flowing lines that give way to soft curves.

The front of the Nissan Max-Out features a fully enclosed grille that appears to function as a digital display – the same scheme chosen for the aerodynamic wormhole-like rims. The rear also has an illuminated panel that imitates the one at the front and it integrates a full-width taillight, which we could imagine on a production vehicle. The system for the hood, if it exists, is not appreciated.

Behind that minimalist windshield, an interior as futuristic as the exterior emerges. Of course, in the passenger compartment the psychedelic character is even more marked: under the two floating seats we find some geometric mats that look like an optical illusion. By the way, the passenger compartment can be folded down to create additional cargo space when needed. The driver, for his part, has a steering wheel so flattened that it looks more like a rectangle than a circle and with a screen that covers both the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment system.

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It will not go to production

Unfortunately, aside from design elements, there are no technical details on the Nissan Max-Out. The virtual concept was designed on a new electric platform that located an engine on each axis, that is, the electric convertible had the e-4Force all-wheel drive system. The battery, for its part, was solid-state and the presence of technologies for autonomous driving was taken for granted.

In case its aesthetics have not made it clear, it should be remembered that the Nissan Max-Out will not go into production as we have known it. Maybe, we could see some of the elements of this convertible in future models… and even in a fully electric sports car.

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