Nissan unveils new EV sports car concept

Nissan unveils new EV sports car concept

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On the Nissan Youtube page there is a new phrase that invites you to prepare for the next month. “Join us on February 2 to see what happens when virtual becomes physical.”

The electrification plans of the Japanese manufacturer will be revealed in a next step. The signs seem to indicate that a Max-Out sports car concept 2021 digital only.

The teaser goes on to say: “Find out how our latest concept car takes zero-emission mobility to the max!” Therefore, there is little doubt as to what type of propellant it will have. In addition, the shot indicates that it is indeed the Max-Out concept.

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The image combined with the text on the screen seems to make it clear that Nissan has grandiose plans for this concept.

Nissan has invested more than $10 billion for EV development over the next five years. Then add the billions spent on research, development and products like the Ariya. However, production of the Max-Out is not expected to accelerate.

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This was first introduced in 2021, at which time it was teamed with a dual-motor AWD configuration and a combined output of 304 hp and 501 ib-ft of torque. This is fun, but it wouldn’t beat the Z and GT-R.

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