Nissan Z could get new grille in Japan, according to reports

Nissan Z could get new grille in Japan, according to reports

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The nissan z could get one nose operation, at least on the Asian continent. The manufacturer had already advanced a new design split grille on a custom Fairlady Z concept car seen at the 2022 Tokyo Motor Show.

Now a report Japanese Nostalgic Car points out that the frontal treatment will be an alternative installed by the brand, only in Japan by the middle of this year.

The front of the Z is one of its main features in terms of design due to its open front hole. The alternative would be a split grill that would be limited to the Japanese market.

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For his part, an American spokesman for Nissan denied this information with a brief “We haven’t announced anything.”. This leaves little chance, but chance nonetheless, that the American Z gets a new nose.

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US customers who aren’t satisfied with the standard model’s front grille, or those who want more performance, don’t give up hope.

Recent spy images of a track-focused Nismo prototype seem to promise a sharper handling model and a facelift, too.

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