Opel Vivaro VPC (2007): when Opel thought that a sports van was a good idea

Opel Vivaro VPC (2007): when Opel thought that a sports van was a good idea

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Although it seems like it was yesterday, 16 years separate us from the year 2007. At that time, close to 1.5 million cars were sold a year in Spain, diesel dominated with an iron fist in market share and in general, I am not mistaken in saying that we lived with fewer worries. It was a curious time for the automotive world. A time when sports versions were the order of the day. In the case of Opel, the popularity of its OPC range even made them flirt with the concept of a sport cargo van. Yes, you read that right.

At the AutoRAI Show in the Netherlands, held in October 2007, Opel presented the Vivaro VPC Concept. Playing with the acronym OPC and the initial of the Opel Vivaro, I create a cargo van inspired by the sportiest cars of the German brand. At this point it should be remembered that in 2007, Opel’s OPC range included not only the Opel Corsa OPC, but also the Opel Astra OPC, Opel Vectra OPC and even the exotic Opel Meriva OPC and Opel Zafira OPC. They were very popular cars and Opel did not want to stop “printing” money.

The Vivaro VPC project was led by Opel’s Dutch division, and presented in Amsterdam in 2007.

The Opel Vivaro VPC was based on a cargo Vivaro. It was painted in the same blue color as its high-end sports siblings – its entire bodywork, including the bumper – and shod with the Spectacular 18-inch wheels on the Opel Astra OPC of the time. The front bumper had a more sporty appearance and a visor was installed on the cabin that made its image somewhat more aggressive. At the rear, apart from a discreet emblem, the only change was a new bumper, adorned with two silver exhaust tips generous in size.

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Inside, the driving position is graced with two bucket seats signed by Recaro, upholstered in blue and black leather – taken from a competition vehicle, by the way. The cargo space had its floor covered with wood. At the level of tuning or performance, the Opel Vivaro OPC was equipped with the most powerful diesel engine in the Vivaro range: at the time, a four-cylinder turbodiesel, 2.5 liters and 146 HP of power, associated with a six-speed manual transmission. There was never any talk of differences in set-up.

As an aesthetic kit and as a curiosity it was an interesting product. They never considered building a sports van.

At the time, Opel Netherlands announced that 100 units of the Opel Vivaro VPC would be produced, at a unit price of 34,900 euros. However, Opel never came to sell them, possibly due to the outbreak in 2008 of the global economic crisis. A sports cargo van, except for exceptions to the rule such as the Ford SuperVan saga, is a technical contradiction. However, it is a relatively common association when it comes to cosmetic kits, fun prototypes and even conversions carried out by hobbyists.

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