Outrageous – Couple forgets their baby on the roof of the car and that's how they drive (+Video)

Outrageous – Couple forgets their baby on the roof of the car and that’s how they drive (+Video)

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An unusual event was recorded on video and disseminated through social networks. A baby traveling on the roof of a vehicle due to parental carelessness.

A user captured the moment when a vehicle was driving through one of the cities in northern Mexico with a baby of only months old on the ceiling. Apparently, the parents had forgotten about the infant.

The netizen who recorded the incident is Diego Rios from inside your vehicle. This happened while they were advancing on the road and a small girl is observed traveling calmly sitting on the roof.

Video angers social media users

In the record broadcast on Tik Tok, the northern driver is heard saying: “These people to the shame **, the commoner on the roof forgot, look. Children of your ching ** d * madr *. What a facade.”

The recording was shared on Facebook and, how could it be otherwise, caused the rejection of other Internet users who did not hesitate to express their frustration online.

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«Not even Matilda’s parents got that far!»; «Such ungrateful parents bring the girl without a hat for the solitary»; «She is a doll, but very well made»; «You thought that Matilda’s parents were the only ones who were careless!»; “Poor thing, they forgot to put the bear hat on her hood” and “she is well attached and does not move, she is a beautiful doll“, are some of the comments.

There are also those who reacted to the video with humor and assured that it was a doll that was attached to the ceiling. They came to that conclusion because at no time in the clip did the girl move.

Whatever the case, the video has gone viral on social networks and has generated controversy. If it is a doll, the driver of the vehicle made an effort to make it look real.


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