Owners of unregulated chocolate cars in Sonora are concerned

Panic engulfs chocolate car owners who have been unable to register for the regularization, notified Fidel Lugo Ayala, national president of Serving the Family Heritage Protection (Sippafa).

According to Ayala, some authorities they are not respecting the truce given by the federation by extending the process to the December 31.

«They are even announcing probable seizures for those who have not registered to regularize their car and for defaulters«, Indian.

Likewise, it indicated that the platform of the Public Vehicular Registry (Repuve), does not allow requesting appointments for at least a week.

We do not want to think that the appointment request period ended before the indicated date, which is until December 31, according to the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette of the Federation, for the extension of the vehicle regularization period.«, Explain.

Ayala said that, according to reliable sources, in other states they began to threaten with seizures, after the dating problem spread nationally, and in sonorous

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We will have to manage a new regularization since most of the vehicles were left out of this process, he asserted. It is important that in the event that any owner of a chocolate car is in this situation, go immediately to Sippafa to join his unit to avoid its confiscation“, he explained.

It also made available the number 6441109019 for people interested in requesting information in this regard.

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