Paramedic helps the victim of a terrible road accident in Canada, it was her daughter: “She fought until the day she died”

A paramedic gives life support to the victim of a fatal traffic accident in Canada, without knowing that it was his daughter.

Paramedic helps victim of traffic accident: it was her daughter

A terrible road accident that occurred in Canada left a tragic result that nobody suspected, a mother helping her own daughter unknowingly. The accident left the victim unrecognizable, the paramedic who was assisting her was only trying to keep her alive until she could be treated at the hospital.

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The accident occurred in Calgary, Canada, on November 15. Jayme Erickson He arrived at the scene of the event to attend to a terrible road accident, after seeing the fact he knew that the victim would not survive, so he tried to keep her alive until he reached the hospital and that his family could say goodbye to her.


jayme She is used to facing terrible moments, so she professionally evaluated the young woman. Although she did not recognize the victim’s body this time, because she only thought of the pain of her relatives, since in the hospital they failed to revive her.

Agents of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCPM)they showed up at her home minutes after she arrived with the tragic news: the patient who lost her life in the serious accident was her daughter, Mountain17 years old.

The woman referred to her daughter in a press conference: “She was successful at everything she set out to do and a keen swimmer who wanted to be a lawyer,” revealed. “She was a fighter and she fought until the day she died, and she was beautiful.” assured.

“Erickson was the first person to arrive at the place,” counted Reeda family friend. “On the way back he expressed his pain and frustration to his colleagues, knowing that a family had probably lost a daughter, sister and granddaughter,” Indian.

Without even suspecting that it was his daughter: “Shortly after arriving at his house, there was a knock on the door. It was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.” counted Reed. “Upon entering the room, to his horror, he learned that the young woman with whom he sat in the back of the vehicle to keep her alive so the family could say goodbye, and who due to the severity of her injuries was unrecognizable, was her own daughter”, counted.

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