Patent shows Lamborghini Aventor replacement design

Patent shows Lamborghini Aventor replacement design

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The longed for successor of Fan will debut in March, but a preview of the V12-powered machine has been previewed on the manufacturer’s website. World Intellectual Property Organization.

It is a batch of black and white sketches with the name of «Automobili Lamborghini SPA«, presented at the office of North Macedonia.

Although the images do not have the best quality, they offer an accurate preview of what will be the next flagship of the brand. In most cases, these patents tend to take away from the excitement of the final design, but the same is not true in this case, since they show how exciting the Lamborghini will be.

The front fascia suggests that this is a SIAN FKP 37, while the top-mounted exhaust tips illustrate that the hexagons hold up. This massive diffuser sends out Centennial vibes. An aerial view allows you to see the engine compartment where the 12 cylinders. The Italian company has said on several occasions that it will have a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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That’s right, Lamborghini doesn’t escape strict emissions regulations, so you have to be happy that the V12 is still alive.

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The design patent does justice to the numerous previously seen spy images of camouflaged prototypes. Last November some captures showed the interior with a city ​​driving mode, an 8500rpm redline and dual center console displays.

The Aventador’s replacement will be followed by the Huracan’s successor, which will also be a hybrid. One of the models should debut during the second half of the decade.

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