Paying to park the motorcycle on the sidewalk, the measure that is outraging motorists

Paying to park the motorcycle on the sidewalk, the measure that is outraging motorists

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Cities are becoming environments that will necessarily be increasingly hostile to motor vehicles. The Low Emission Zones will limit access, especially to vehicles with an internal combustion engine, to everything that is not electric and plug-in cars. But motorcycles will also have more and more restrictions or, at the very least, costs and limitations that also have as their objective a different use of public space.

One of the most controversial measures, which is outraging motorists, goes through charge 45 euros per month to park motorcycles on the sidewalks.

This rule would have been raised as one of the innovations that the new Urban Mobility Plan (PMU) of Barcelona would introduce. And your goal would be to clear the sidewalks of motorcycles.

The new Urban Mobility Plan (PMU) of Barcelona could propose the payment of a monthly fee for parking on the sidewalks

Pay to park the motorcycle on the sidewalk

Barcelona, ​​like other Spanish cities, has a specific regulation for parking motorcycles on the sidewalk, which involves prohibiting the parking of motorcycles on narrow sidewalks (less than 3 meters wide), complying with very specific guidelines and maintaining sufficient space for pedestrians. Reasonable standards that are not always met.

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But the measure of taxing the authorization for a motorcycle to park on the sidewalks with 45 euros per month, which according to The debateand they came anticipating other meanswould be included in the new Urban Mobility Plan, has outraged motorist organizations.

As we said, the measure is in the process of being studied. In recent days it has also been proposed that motorcycles have to pay to park, not only on the sidewalks, but also on the road (The newspaper). But in recent days the City Council would have ruled out this option.

Motorists’ associations warn that motorcycles are necessary in the city, to facilitate mobility and to have less impact on traffic congestion in cities, and pollution, than the car.

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