Petrolhead, next October 25 you have an unavoidable appointment

Petrolhead, next October 25 you have an unavoidable appointment

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Next October 25th is six days from now, if you are reading this article on October 19th, when it was originally published. And I have great news for you. On October 25th you have an unavoidable date with “petrolheadism”, and that is the premiere of a new gymkhana of Ken Block and Hoonigan. She is gymkhana number eleven, and has been christened “electrikhana”. Yes friends, one of the benchmarks for petrolheads is passed to electric cars. But this does not mean that we are going to have less audiovisual fun.

Ken Block is now an ambassador for Audi, and the German manufacturer has decided to build a custom car for its new gymkhana. It’s called Audi S1 ​​e-tron Quattro Hoonitron, and it’s a twin-motor electric beast inspired by the wild Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 with which Audi conquered Pikes Peak in the late 1980s – one of Ken Block’s fetish cars, by the way. According to Hoonigan, the cost of manufacturing the Hoonitron, a unique car, has exceeded twelve million dollars. But this is not going to stop them from driving it as if the car was stolen.

The car has been created from scratch by Audi Sport. There is nothing similar or parts shared with street cars.

Ken Block’s “Electrikhana” has been recorded in Las Vegas, and it will feature some of the most iconic areas of the “city of sin”, as well as stunts and challenges that we have never seen before, accompanied by the usual displays of noise and burning rubber. Because this car is electric, but its motors are very noisy, and it has so much torque that it is capable of sublimating its four wheels from a standstill with hardly any effort. At 3 pm on October 25, you can watch the premiere of “Electrikhana” on Hoonigan’s YouTube channel.

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