Pierre Gasly denounces attempted robbery during the Mexican Grand Prix

The 2022 Mexico City Grand Prixkeep giving people something to talk about, even after it’s over. One of the controversies is about the lot of people who are allowed to access the paddock area of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, situation that bothers the pilots.

AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly confessed in an interview to Espn UK that he was close to being robbery victim, since they opened his backpack inside the circuit facilities.

“I think letting people in is fine, but it is true that there are some guests who sometimes do not respect the space we need.«, begins the French.

Yesterday morning I arrived at the hospitality with the backpack in which I had my passport open, and I didn’t even realize”, he added, clarifying that his belongings were not removed.

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Despite this, Gasly stressed that it should be improve organization so that the participants have their space, although he does not dislike living with motor sport fans.

We talked about it at the drivers’ meeting. I think it’s great that there are fans, and also to see the children and the people enjoying themselves, but maybe we have to find a way to make them understand where the limits are and when they should give us a little more space«, he finished.

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