Piqué's Twingo would have a message dedicated to Shakira on the plaque

Piqué’s Twingo would have a message dedicated to Shakira on the plaque

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the novel for separation by Gerard Piqué and Shakira left a new chapter as a result of the song released almost a week ago by the Colombian with bizarre.

The ex-soccer player did not shy away from the controversy and days after the release of the song he reached the last day of the Kings League aboard a Renault Twingo, afterwards, he showed off a new Casio watch.

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Both articles are related to the song of the Colombian, who in one of her verses sings «You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo” Y “You traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

Hidden message from Piqué?

Internet users found a new detail in the Twingo license plate in which Gerard Piqué arrived, which for some has a hidden message.

The license plate of the car has the numbers “2511” and the letters “MDJ”. Those digits refer to the date November 25, 2022, the day the singer would have left the house she shared with Piqué and her two children, Sasha and Milán.

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As for the letters, they would be the abbreviation of “I let”, according to several users of social networks who have viralized the theory, which has spread on the internet.

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