Plane crashes into electrical tower and 2 people are stuck at more than 30 meters in the US (+VIDEO)


A plane crashes into an electrical tower during the night and the pilot along with the passenger are inside at a high altitude.

A small plane crashes into a power pylon

A small plane crashed into an electrical tower during a night flight, the two occupants were stuck inside 30 meters from the ground.

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The terrible accident occurred on the evening of November 27 at the electrical towers located in Gaithersburg, in Montgomery Village County, United States.

In a video circulating on social networks, the unit can be seen suspended in the air more than 30 meters high, coiled on the cables of the high-voltage electrical tower.

Witnesses called rescue members to prevent the occupants from receiving an electric shock as quickly as possible.

Pete Piringer, head of the department of Montgomery Village Fire Departmentreported through his account Twitter the Vulcans appeared on the scene to help the victims. The trapped occupants are the pilot of the aircraft and a passenger.

Both people were rescued without major consequences and present mild signs after the accident. Investigations will reveal the reason for the accident.

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