Porsche 911 Panamericana Special Debuts In Tribute To 1952 Race Car 356

The Carrera T isn’t the only addition to the 911 lineup to be announced this week as Porsche has also prepared a Panamericana Special. The main difference is that we’re dealing with a one-off car to celebrate the company’s first entry into the Carrera Panamericana in 1952. It’s based on the 911 S Cabriolet to echo the 356 S Cabriolet from 70 years ago. This unique car is painted in Gentian Blue Metallic color with a fabric roof finished in Graffiti Grey.

The folks from Zuffenhausen were able to make a modern homage after watching old footage by car from the famous event. Additionally, Herbert Linge, the racing team mechanic at the time, shared his memories to help the company build authentic awards. Commissioned by Porsche Latin America and Porsche Mexico, the 911 Panamericana Special sports 20-inch front wheels and 21-inch rear wheels with a gray center cap.

The door wears the number “11” to reflect the car that raced seven decades ago. At the rear, the vertical fins of the engine cover are white to consolidate the bridge over time as the 356 S Cabriolet used in the Carrera Panamericana has a similar appearance. In 1952, it allowed Prince Paul Alfons von Metternich and Baron Manuel Antônio de Teffé to take victory in their class.

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Stepping into the cabin wrapped in Crayon gray leather, Porsche has embroidered “La Carrera Panamericana” onto the headrests, beneath a logo depicting a true racing helmet. On the passenger side of the dashboard, a plaque reads “911 Carrera S – La Carrera Panamericana 1952” to complement the same inscription that adorns the door frame. Finishing touches include a special puddle light and laser engraving of “La Carrera Panamericana” on the blue key box.

Porsche intends to auction the car in 2023 and set aside a portion of the proceeds for a good cause. The 911 S Cabriolet comes after another car commissioned in 2021 by Porsche Latin America and Porsche Mexico. It was a Turbo S Coupe with a special Gulf Oil livery in honor of Mexican race car driver Pedro Rodriguez.

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