Porsche 911 Sally Carrera Edition Brings Pixar Cars Character To Life

Porsche presents Sally Carrera from the classic Pixar movie car to live by building the one-off 911 the company aptly calls Sally Special. It debuted during this year’s Monterey Car Week.

To make the Sally Special, Porsche enlists the help of its original members car creative team. The goal is to take Sally Carrera and apply the character look to a running modern 911.

In the film, Sally Carrera’s design takes inspiration from the 2002 911. This one uses the current 911 Carrera GTS as a starting point. Power comes from a twin-turbo 3.0-liter flat six that produces 473 horsepower (353 kilowatts) and 420 pound-feet (569 Newton-meters) of torque, and the Sally Special has a seven-speed manual gearbox.

The manufacturing process includes producing the unique Sally Blue Metallic color for the car. It’s as close as you’d get to seeing the shadow on Sally Carrera in the real world. As the spoiler spread, the vehicle even showed off a tattoo of the character’s stripes.

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The Sally Special rides a unique set of Turbo wheels like those you’d find on the 996-generation 996. In this case, they’re 20 inches in front and 21 inches in back.

Porsche 911 Sally only
Porsche 911 Sally only
Porsche 911 Sally only

Inside, there are more elements in Sally Blue Metallic. These colors appear on the dashboard, center console, and door trim. The company used a special fabric trim with a checkered pattern and blue highlights for the seats and door panels. Lime-colored leather offers a contrast to this material.

If you look closely, there are a lot of little Easter Eggs. For example, the badge on the B pillar shows Sally Carrera’s signature. It car The logo appears on the tire valve stem cover, door panels and on the side of the seat. The drive mode selector knob next to the steering wheel now says “Kachow! Mode.” A thumbnail of Sally Carrera is on the passenger side of the dashboard.

Porsche will auction the Sally Special for charity. Buyers will get a matching watch, car cover, and a second set of wheels. Plus, it will come with a picture book of car production designer Bob Pauley.

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