Porsche Cayenne, the 3 generations faced in 4×4

The Porsche Cayenne has turned twenty this year 2022, which is why we wanted to celebrate it in style with a comparison of those that we like so much, facing the 3 generations of the Porsche Cayenne in a 4×4 circuit. Throughout these two decades, the Cayenne has changed a lot and in many aspects, however we already anticipate that this video proves that we bring you today not only will dismantle more than one myth, but also hides several surprises.

In order to make this video, Porsche invited us to a very special location for the brand, and more specifically for the Cayenne. We talk about the Bassella estate, here in Spain, a location dedicated to carrying out activities and off-road courses for all types of vehicles, but also a place where offroad development tests have been carried out – and still are carried out – for cars before being launched on the market. and precisely the Porsche Cayenne was one of the models that trusted Bassella for the development of its first generation before being put up for sale, taking each of its components to the extreme and allowing us today to relive part of that experience.

Will the Cayenne plus SUV be able to keep up with the Cayenne plus off-road?

Our goal with this comparison is to clearly see how the Porsche Cayenne has evolved over these 20 years and three evolutionsfocusing on its most offroad facet, but also knowing other extremely interesting faces of this SUV as you can see at the end of the video.

go ahead that the Porsche Cayenne, as many of you will remember, was born as a true off-roaderwhich makes us find such interesting ingredients as a gearbox transmission, permanent all-wheel drive, a ground clearance of up to 273 mm, the best off-road dimensions of this comparison and even the possibility of mounting 4×4 tires.

Over time, the Cayenne has adapted its philosophy to the requirements of its public, which they have made it evolve towards a more SUV, more urban and even more performance approach. However, despite the fact that this change in registration has made it gain in comfort, luxury, performance and behavior, we already anticipate that it has not been as negative as one might think when it comes to offroading. Yes, we lose certain capabilities, but as we show in this comparison, the improvement in traction and electronics is such that, to the surprise of many, the Cayenne is still able to offer 4×4 traction that is very close to the best pure SUVs.

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